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Ph.D. in mathematics; 40 years as an instructor and administrator in Christiian colleges & Universities; principle writer & initial director of critically acclaimed assessment project "Taking Values Seriously:Assessing the Mission of Church-Related Collges." Currently medically retired on disability due to traumatic brain episode which began with a blood vessel in a brain tumor exploding in March 2009, causing the tumor to implode creating many stroke-like symptoms; the remains of the benign tumor removed in March 2009 followed by many months of intenesive therapy that shifted gears when 4 tonic-clonic seizures in December 2009 left me unconscious in the hospitable for four days. I am now diagnosed with aphasia, epilepsy, Atrial Fibrillation, and the beginning stages of Parkinson's. Since I can't work a normal job in higher education, I spend my days reading, thinking and writing about higher education, epilespsy and aphasia. I have a blog, entitled By' Musings, in which I speak about topics of great interest to me: aphasia, epilesy, Parkinson's, higher education and religion. This blog canl be accessed through the URL of which is included in this profile.

New Location for By’s Aphasia Posts

Transferring aphasia postings to “By’s Musings” at
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Gabby Gifford TV Special

I am sorry that I missed the Gabby Gifford special. Is it saved and posted somewhere? Like many others, my own battle with aphasia started with a traumatic brain incident. I had a blood vessel burst inside a benign brain … Continue reading

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Trying to Sleep on Half a Song

Bedtime battle over misplaced memories Continue reading

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Gazing into the Abyss – a Deux

A follow-up and amplification of my previous post “Gazing into the Abyss” Continue reading

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The Cat Came Back

How struggling to publish a posting reminded me of an old folk song. How some things just don’t go away. Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces Part I

How do I find the right word or concept when I reached an impasse. I work at trying to remember bits and pieces of what I am trying to say. Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces, Part II

How do I proceed when I have reached an impasse in determing the most appropriate word to use in a given situation. I use my life lines. Continue reading

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