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This Is Where It All Began

This is an introduction to my aphasia blog and Aphasia Corner. This is where it all began. Continue reading

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Words Are More Like Cats Than Dogs

In the aftermath of a traumatic brain episode (a blood vessel in a benign tumor exploded creating all the symptoms of a stroke) I was left with medical and the therapuetic described as a mild case of aphasia. I know they are correct in that assessment because I know people with severe, progressive aphasaia. But for someone who lived off the use of words for 40 years, it comletely changed my life. Continue reading

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We Are All Different

This post was first posted on my general blog, Since I know some people who were pointed in other directions off by the term higher ed in is name. I am reposting here becaue I felt it was appropriate for individuals and cargivers dealing with aphasia. Thank you for bearing with me. I am becoming more comfortable with this blogging thing and I will try to keep my three themes, higher ed, aphasia and epilepsy, more separate in the tuture. For those of you who have bookmarked the orginial blog, I will post annoubcements of new posts on any of my blogs on it. Continue reading

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