Do Computers and Their Owners Look and Behave Like Each Other?

Do Computers and Their Owners Look and Behave Like Each Other?

By Baylis

I am sure many of you have heard the old joke and have seen the pictures that suggest, after a period of time, dogs and their owners begin to look and act alike. I am beginning to wonder if this is true with computers, especially the behavioral aspect. I am pretty sure that I don’t look like my computer.

However, living with aphasia and epilepsy, I am finding that my computer is imitating my symptoms. Recently it had a “grand-mal seizure” when it completely shut down.  It took a day in the “intensive care unit” to bring it back to consciousness and to restore some semblance of usability. Since that seizure, it has had numerous mini-seizures. It will “zone out” for about 30 seconds several times an hour. There appears to be no discernible pattern to these mini-seizures. The tech doctors are prescribing certain procedures to help prevent seizures. However, since they are not sure what the original problem really was, they will not guarantee their solutions will completely prevent another grand-mal seizure. All they can offer is a pledge that these procedures will help reduce the chance of a reoccurrence. For people with epilepsy, does this sound familiar?

Also after that grand-mal seizure, my computer is exhibiting signs of aphasia. It has “lost” programs and files. I know they are in there, but it takes lots of work on my part to find them. Does the computer really have a type of aphasia? Or is it my aphasia not allowing me to find what I want? Either way, the computer is behaving just like me. If my computer starts growing a beard, I am really going to be freaked out.


About By Baylis β2

Ph.D. in mathematics; 40 years as an instructor and administrator in Christiian colleges & Universities; principle writer & initial director of critically acclaimed assessment project "Taking Values Seriously:Assessing the Mission of Church-Related Collges." Currently medically retired on disability due to traumatic brain episode which began with a blood vessel in a brain tumor exploding in March 2009, causing the tumor to implode creating many stroke-like symptoms; the remains of the benign tumor removed in March 2009 followed by many months of intenesive therapy that shifted gears when 4 tonic-clonic seizures in December 2009 left me unconscious in the hospitable for four days. I am now diagnosed with aphasia, epilepsy, Atrial Fibrillation, and the beginning stages of Parkinson's. Since I can't work a normal job in higher education, I spend my days reading, thinking and writing about higher education, epilespsy and aphasia. I have a blog, entitled By' Musings, in which I speak about topics of great interest to me: aphasia, epilesy, Parkinson's, higher education and religion. This blog canl be accessed through the URL of which is included in this profile.
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2 Responses to Do Computers and Their Owners Look and Behave Like Each Other?

  1. Jen Reed says:

    Well I am not sure I like the thought of looking like my computer, square and kind of blah, kind of like looking like me, but if you ask my husband he’d probably tell you I act like mine already. I can definetly relate with you on this analogy. I think computers act stupid just to make their “owners” mad. Kind of like kids, haha. Anyway, very interesting post dad, I enjoyed it and I can relate, good luck with it. Love ya, Jen

    • Thanks Jen,

      Here’s a thought about “computers act stupid just to make heir ‘owners’ mad.” Which comes first the chicken or the egg? Is the computers confusing their owners and making them mad, or is the owners’confusion and anger making their computers act stupid?


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